Hi! I'm Andrew.

I'm guessing you are on this page because you want to know more about the guy behind GetMoreDoneFast.com. I'm not sure if you came here from Medium, TikTok, my free Chrome extension, or one of my articles or other free tools, so I'll give you a quick overview before I share my own story. Here's the purpose of GetMoreDoneFast.com, in two steps:

Step 1. I want to help you figure out:

  • how to know what you want
  • how to do what you want
  • how to get what you want

Step 2. I want to help you get more done fast, through:

  • free tools
  • articles with insights
  • custom solutions and coaching

That's a two-step process, because it's actually pretty hard to know what you want, especially in today's world. There are a million messages swirling by your eyeballs and ears each day, and it's hard to pick a direction. First, you gotta figure out what you want, then learn how to do what you want. It's only by following those two steps in that order that you can finally get what you want. My role in all that is to make it easier on you to know what you want through insights, and make it easier to do what you want with free tools, and custom solutions and coaching.

If you could use some help accomplishing what you want to accomplish in life and business, I can help you get more done fast. To prove I understand the struggle, here's a small part of my own story:

Who is Andrew Fisher?

I grew up outside a small town in Idaho. I was homeschooled, which meant that I spent my winters reading, working on projects, dreaming of inventing things or pretending to talk on the radio. I spent summer days building forts, digging up treasures in the back yard, or walking through hay and corn fields. Not a bad childhood, but all that dreaming and playing didn’t prepare me for adulthood.

From my first job at a snow-cone shack a couple miles from our house at 16, I bumbled from one thing to another, jumping between working in restaurants, retail and door-to-door sales, construction, landscaping, painting, manufacturing, or - sometimes - living in my car with no job at all. I'd work for a while, get bored, quit, run out of money, pick up more work, and repeat. This cycle continued for years.

Until one day, while working in a manufacturing job at 25, I injured myself very badly.

The day I lost my hand

Just a few hours after taking the above video, I accidentally crushed my right hand in that machine right there. The doctor had to amputate it.

An injury like that will change your life, mostly because you realize you don’t want to do that again. It was at that point that I decided to go back to school and figure out my life. Since I was broke and qualified for federal student aid and had nothing else going on, going back to school was easy. Figuring out my life wasn't.

Fast forward three years to when I'm 28, and things are getting worse instead of better. I'm bored of my classes, but I have no backup plan. I'm in an unhappy long-distance relationship. I am broke, jobless, and homeless, living out of my old dented BMW parked a block away from campus. It's December in Idaho, and I'm cold and depressed.

Andrew’s “mobile home,” December, 2012

At 29, my girlfriend comes back to Idaho, and promptly breaks up with me. I can’t blame her. I am miserable – and no doubt pretty miserable to be around. This isn’t the life I want to live. Something needs to change.

On Christmas of 2013, shortly after my 30th birthday, I go to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The beautiful scenes of Iceland capture my attention and Walter’s story speaks to me. Here is this guy just letting life pass him by, dreaming of something more but never reaching for it. Then, he reaches for it, and he gets it.

This movie is my wakeup call. What am I waiting for? Why do I constantly deny myself the life I want? Why am I living out this sad, aimless existence, when I could be, I don’t know, longboarding down a mountain in Iceland? It's time to start living my life, and break free from misery.

Something switches inside me, and I realize I'm done being miserable.

So, I stopped going to classes that I didn’t care about, which gave me the time and energy to focus on my real interests. I stopped hanging out with people I didn’t like and began to spend my time with people I love and respect. I started listening to the inner voice of desire that I’d been ignoring. I bought a ticket to Iceland. I got a job in radio (a longtime dream). I moved to California (another long-time dream). I started taking care of myself. I found happiness. I found love. I found myself.

Good things can happen.

My life isn’t perfect. I still have to pay bills, buy food, and put on clothes to go outside. But now I can afford to pay the bills and I can buy good food, and when I go outside, I’m in California, where I want to be. I live the life I want to live.

I built this website so I could start helping people tackle their own challenges. In my journey, I have learned from many life coaches, business consultants, and mentors, as well as countless books, videos, blogs, classes, and personal experience, and I've been taking notes along the way. I always knew that one day I'd become an expert at solving problems, and I'd want to help others do the same.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life or business, let's work together to shorten the distance between where you are now, and where you want to be. Let's get more done fast.