Business challenges tackled...

San Diego Roofing

Eliminating Lead Loss

When leads started coming in faster than ever, the busy team couldn't keep track. We built a lightweight but secure digital lead-tracking platform so team members could share and access info without risk of data loss. Over $14 million in leads have been tracked, and counting.

Boise State
Public Radio

Improving Quality Control

Missed tasks by part-time staff were leading to frequent "dead air" on Idaho's NPR network. To tackle this, we built a custom digital task tracker. The tool greatly improved communication across the team, reducing errors and ensuring programming was always ready. The network now sounds better, and one million listeners benefit.


Reducing Onboarding Time

With asset collection by email and PDF contracts,
implementations were averaging 250 days. We reconfigured the signup form to feed directly into the CRM and integrated a digital contract. The changes reduced average onboarding time from 250 down to just 2 days, and increased conversions by 2x.

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Why Get More Done Fast?

Tailored Solutions, not more Cookie-Cutter Clutter

Whether it's developing a secure digital platform to track leads, revolutionizing task management with affordable online systems, drastically shortening onboarding time, or increasing conversion rates, we specialize in turning complex problems into simple, impactful solutions. In short, we turn ideas into action. Doing this requires an in-depth understanding of where you are now and where you want to go.

For businesses like yours, our goal is to not only solve the problems you're facing today but to lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and efficiency tomorrow. We understand the unique pressures and challenges you face as an entrepreneur. Let's make efficiency and growth not just goals, but realities. Let's start transforming your startup's challenges into opportunities for success, and get more done fast!

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The Get More Done Fast Methodology encapsulated by the acronym GMDF (Get, More, Done, Fast), represents a philosophy focused on streamlining the process of turning ideas into action. Each word stands for a principle that guides you through a simplified, efficient approach to project management and creative execution.

Get (Gather and Organize Ideas):

The inception of any project begins with gathering inspiration. This step emphasizes the importance of collecting and organizing ideas in a way that's both intuitive and accessible. It's about laying the groundwork for creativity by ensuring that inspiration is readily available when needed.

More (Maximize Collaboration and Development):

Philosophical Tenet: collaboration. This principle focuses on the value of shared ideas and collective brainstorming to refine and develop concepts further. It's about leveraging the collective strength and creativity of a team to achieve more.

Done (Direct Project Planning and Execution):

The transition from concept to execution is critical. This step is about moving beyond the planning phase with a clear, actionable roadmap. It emphasizes the importance of structured project planning, task management, and the application of resources to ensure projects are completed efficiently.

Fast (Facilitate Quick Access to Resources):

Streamlining the acquisition and integration of resources to maintain momentum. This principle highlights the necessity of minimizing delays in getting you where you want to be as quickly as possible. It's about ensuring that resources are at your fingertips, ready to be integrated instantly into your projects.

Incorporating Get More Done Fast strategies involves prioritizing tasks, minimizing distractions, and leveraging productivity tools, enabling you to achieve more in less time with focused effort.

To Get More Done Fast while working remotely, establish a dedicated workspace, maintain a structured schedule, and use communication tools efficiently to streamline workflows and reduce downtime.

Get More Done Fast strategies help you efficiently complete work tasks, freeing up time for personal life and hobbies, promoting a healthier work-life balance by prioritizing efficiency during work hours.

Yes, Get More Done Fast techniques, by enhancing productivity and eliminating time-wasters, can significantly reduce stress levels by creating a more manageable workload and freeing up time for relaxation and self-care.

For students, Get More Done Fast advice includes using study techniques like active recall and spaced repetition, organizing study material effectively, and minimizing distractions to maximize study efficiency.

Entrepreneurs can Get More Done Fast by automating routine tasks, delegating non-essential work, focusing on high-impact activities, and utilizing time management apps to optimize their workday.

Get More Done Fast meal prep tips include planning meals for the week, batch cooking, using quick and healthy recipes, and organizing your kitchen for efficiency to save time and reduce meal-related stress.

To "get more done fast," streamline your morning routine by preparing the night before, setting specific goals for the day, and including energizing activities like exercise or meditation to kickstart productivity.

Overcoming procrastination with Get More Done Fast strategies involves breaking tasks into smaller steps, setting clear deadlines, and creating a distraction-free environment to enhance focus and motivation.

Get More Done Fast is crucial for setting and achieving personal goals by encouraging you to focus on actionable steps, track progress, and adjust plans as needed to efficiently reach your objectives.

Absolutely, Get More Done Fast methods can streamline fitness routines through efficient workouts, planning exercise schedules, and setting clear, achievable fitness milestones to maximize results in minimal time.

For parents, Get More Done Fast advice includes organizing family schedules, using time-saving household tools, and involving family members in chores to efficiently manage both work and family life.

Enhance learning with Get More Done Fast by focusing on key information, applying learning techniques that maximize retention, and utilizing digital platforms for streamlined, effective skill development.

For large projects, Get More Done Fast techniques include breaking the project into manageable phases, prioritizing tasks based on impact, and utilizing project management tools for efficient coordination and execution.

Get More Done Fast improves team productivity by encouraging clear goal setting, effective communication, and leveraging collaborative tools to streamline tasks and minimize wasted time.

Yes, Get More Done Fast strategies can streamline personal finance management through automated savings, budgeting apps, and regular financial reviews to efficiently manage and optimize finances.

Get More Done Fast influences self-improvement by encouraging focused, efficient efforts towards growth, leveraging resources wisely, and adopting habits that contribute to rapid personal development.

To enhance creativity, Get More Done Fast suggests setting aside focused time for creative activities, minimizing distractions, and using brainstorming and mind-mapping tools to quickly generate and organize ideas.

Apply Get More Done Fast to commuting by using travel time for productive activities such as listening to educational podcasts, planning your day, or answering emails, turning commute time into productive time.

Quickly improve your workspace with Get More Done Fast solutions by decluttering, investing in ergonomic furniture, and setting up efficient storage solutions to create a conducive environment for productivity.

Get More Done Fast helps develop effective communication by encouraging concise, clear messaging, utilizing technology for efficient information exchange, and practicing active listening for quicker understanding and response.

Absolutely, Get More Done Fast methods enhance social and networking skills by encouraging strategic engagement, efficient use of social platforms, and focused relationship-building activities to expand your network effectively.

Reduce digital distractions with Get More Done Fast strategies by using app blockers, setting specific times for email and social media, and creating tech-free zones to maintain focus and productivity.

Get More Done Fast impacts health and wellness by promoting efficient workout routines, quick and healthy meal prep, and mindfulness practices that fit into busy schedules, enhancing overall well-being.

Deal with unexpected work challenges using Get More Done Fast by staying adaptable, prioritizing tasks based on new developments, and leveraging team resources efficiently to address issues promptly.

Adopting a Get More Done Fast mindset benefits career growth by encouraging efficiency, proactive problem-solving, and continuous learning, making you more valuable and adaptable in your professional field.

Streamline email management with Get More Done Fast practices by scheduling specific times for checking email, using filters and folders for organization, and applying quick decision-making to inbox management.

Get More Done Fast advocates for balanced technology use by recommending tools that enhance productivity without causing overload, and encouraging regular digital detoxes to maintain focus and well-being.

Yes, Get More Done Fast techniques can improve client relationship management by systematizing follow-ups, using CRM tools for efficiency, and prioritizing client interactions to nurture relationships effectively.

For continuous learning, Get More Done Fast recommends leveraging online courses, setting aside dedicated learning time, and subscribing to industry newsletters and podcasts to efficiently stay abreast of new developments.

Ensure Get More Done Fast while maintaining quality by focusing on key priorities, applying efficient quality control processes, and leveraging expertise and feedback for continuous improvement.

Build a supportive community with Get More Done Fast by engaging in relevant online forums, attending networking events with a focused approach, and offering value to others to foster meaningful connections quickly.

Enhance leadership skills with Get More Done Fast by adopting efficient decision-making, fostering a culture of productivity and accountability, and investing in team development to lead by example.

Simplify complex tasks with Get More Done Fast by breaking them down into smaller, manageable steps, using project management tools for organization, and focusing on one task at a time for efficient completion.

Get More Done Fast helps achieve a minimalist lifestyle by encouraging the elimination of non-essential items and activities, simplifying routines, and focusing on what truly adds value to your life, enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction.

Navigate career transitions with Get More Done Fast by clearly defining your career goals, identifying skill gaps and addressing them efficiently, and leveraging your network for opportunities, streamlining the transition process.

Integrate Get More Done Fast into daily decision-making by adopting a prioritization framework, making quick assessments based on available information, and being decisive to maintain momentum and productivity.

Optimize leisure and downtime with Get More Done Fast by planning enjoyable activities in advance, limiting time on passive entertainment, and choosing hobbies that provide relaxation and fulfillment efficiently.

Get More Done Fast contributes to better sleep habits by encouraging a wind-down routine, minimizing screen time before bed, and efficiently managing daytime tasks to reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

Effective multitasking according to Get More Done Fast involves prioritizing tasks that can be efficiently combined, using timers to manage focus, and recognizing when single-tasking is more productive for complex tasks.

Manage financial goals with Get More Done Fast by automating savings, using budgeting tools to track expenses efficiently, and prioritizing financial goals to focus efforts on high-impact savings strategies.

Enhance your digital presence with Get More Done Fast by consistently sharing valuable content, engaging with your audience efficiently, and leveraging automation tools for social media management.

Get More Done Fast aligns with sustainable living by promoting efficiency in resource use, advocating for minimal waste lifestyles, and encouraging the adoption of habits that have a positive impact on the environment quickly and effectively.

Yes, Get More Done Fast methodologies improve problem-solving by encouraging a structured approach to challenges, fostering quick adaptation to new information, and promoting efficient solution implementation.

Stay motivated in long-term goals with Get More Done Fast by setting short-term milestones, celebrating progress, and regularly revisiting and refining your goals to align with your evolving aspirations and achievements.

Get More Done Fast influences health and fitness by advocating for efficient workout routines, quick and nutritious meal options, and setting clear, achievable health goals to quickly see improvements and maintain motivation.

Efficiently manage household tasks with Get More Done Fast by creating a chore schedule, involving all household members, and employing time-saving cleaning techniques to maintain a tidy and organized home.

Get More Done Fast helps craft effective communication by emphasizing clarity, brevity, and focusing on key messages to convey ideas efficiently and ensure understanding and action.

Absolutely, Get More Done Fast principles aid in developing resilience by encouraging a focus on solutions, fostering adaptability to change, and building confidence through achieving small wins consistently.

Enrich personal relationships with Get More Done Fast by prioritizing quality time, communicating effectively and openly, and actively listening to foster deeper connections efficiently.